This book is “truth that makes you squirm, scream and wonder how you never saw it before…”

This reader is one of the one’s who’s had an amazing eye-opening experience from it.  VERY INTERESTING that she feels the book was written for “the ones left behind (which is coming very soon), and a gift for those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear NOW.”  I’ve wondered many times if this was it’s purpose.  From the journey GOD has taken me on I’ve been able to see what He sees and can state pretty adamantly that He isn’t happy with the modern version of Christianity especially in America.  

We have a lot of scripture verses that warn us about being aligned with the ways of the world (James 4: 4).  Another verse refers to those “whose god is their belly and who glory in their shame…they are enemies of the cross of Christ.”  (Phil. 3: 17-19).  “Not all who say Lord, Lord shall enter the kingdom…” Matt. 7) and then “Be ye hot or be ye cold but if ye be lukewarm I will vomit you out of my mouth” in Revelations.  

GOD described this book to me as “a list of charges and if ignored it becomes an indictment” all words that let me know He’s actually building a case against this version of “church” that’s been brought forward.  And yes, I suppose if those who are living this way are left behind this book will help them see why…how they made GOD mad and failed to “have enough oil in their lamps” and found the door shut. 


GWGW Truth that makes you squirm, scream and wonder

   Excited to share a new look for the book.  I also added a subtitle, A Handbook for Humans, after one of my zealous reader’s kept saying in her posts “It’s not about religion. It’s about everything going on in the world right now.”  I considered changing the main title because so many people have issues with God but I decided against it.  This was the title God spoke to me and for that reason, it stays.  

     I also added the option to order/buy the book from the website so I can send signed copies if desired, just click on this link:

     You can still purchase it on Amazon; click here:


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