Why I Won’t Go to Church!

Shepherds have lost their senses

My answer to yet another inquiry about why I don’t go to church and the routine comment that the “Bible says we aren’t to forsake the assembly…” Here’s the answer I gave:

First, I can hear a message by opening my own Bible or any one of the books we’re actively reading in this home that are actually about prophecy and revelations regarding the end times but much more is examined because we’re intrigued and want to know.

It’s the entire PROGRAM that churches present that I find offensive. The Coke machines, the junk food served, and the prayers prayed that assume, presume and even direct their congregants to mainstream doctors as an “ordained” way of living.  They know NOTHING about what their own Bible teaches about health and healing so they pray prayers for the wrong things for the wrong reasons as if GOD has to bring health the way we want, on our terms.  Again, this is NOT what the Bible teaches at all but makes GOD a puppet of sorts. What was most shocking is that they aren’t open to even hearing how this offends GOD.  An example is their typical prayer for the doctor to “have wisdom and knowledge in their treatment…” but not recognizing these doctors aren’t trained in methods of “wisdom and knowledge”.  They use power chemicals that are chemically-based, profit-driven, with a track record of corruption, injury and death.  Why in the world would a shepherd direct their flock to this?  Yes there’s a time and place for doctors.  They do very well at trauma and can give you a second chance but if you return to the way you were living in the first place there’s no wisdom in that.  “Go and sin no more or somthing worse may come upon you” was spoken several times by Jesus to those He healed.  Nope, we go right back to it…ignorant because nobody tells us any different.

For the record, mainstream doctors do not take courses in nutrition and know nothing about natural methods such as herbal therapy used for thousands of years or other nature-based ideas.  The pastors don’t know how to keep their flock healthy so they aren’t teaching their congregants how to get well and stay well to avoid said pill-pushing doctors in the first place.  The other side of that story is that the two pastors I’ve heard of who knew and tried were rejected by the congregation and they risked losing their church/job so they backed off and continued with the pacifier-cleaning operation.

A good story to illustrate how knowing some basics about health can save your life is drawn from my recent experience in October of 2016.  I touched the screen of my new cell phone and a pain shot up my arm and settled in for two hours before even beginning to let up.  It felt like a blood pressure cuff was on too tight.  Over the next few days and weeks that pain settled into my underarm and headed into my breast.  The pain then began to travel from the outside to the bottom and gaining in intensity and now the burning had begun as it headed up to the center.  I’d been living like the television and churches model, by having Wi-Fi raging through my world, a wireless alarm system and a toxic electric meter bringing sick currents into the home wiring, and had 23 cell towers and 112 antennas in a 4-mile radius of our home and while that may be shocking it’s way under the new norm of 400+ towers in a 4-mile radius. One beast tower was .25 miles from our home, IN our subdivision and needed nobody’s consent to do so because our government has failed at their jobs too.  Remember we live in a fallen world so it’s not wise to play with it or rely on it.  It was through this event that I learned that all this stuff is deadly and created a blog to help others see what I see now.

Had I not been the person that I am who took the journey that is the subject of the Getting Well God’s Way book I would not have known what to do and would’ve run to the doctor.  So tell me. what you think they would’ve done?  Personally I don’t think what happened to me would do well with what they offer and am pretty sure it would’ve killed me.  I walked into my bedroom and looked out the windows at the sky and said “Father, I don’t have a clue what to do here.  This doesn’t look good.”  I was immediately reminded of a man who arrested his stage 4 prostate cancer that had spread to his bones and lungs I think it was.  I had put his story in the Getting Well God’s Way book because the theory made sense to me.

“Dr. Warburg has made it clear that the root cause of cancer is oxygen deficiency, which creates an acidic state in the human body. Dr Warburg also discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic (do not breathe oxygen) and cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen, as found in an alkaline state.” https://sites.google.com/site/ganodermareview/the-root-cause-of-cancer

If you take a small dose of baking soda and molasses or maple syrup, the sugar will attract the cancer because sugar FEEDS cancer.  When the cancer cells come to eat the sugar they meet the baking soda which is like cyanide to a cancer cell.  It increases the oxygen and the baking soda is also an electron donor so it satisfies free radicals which cause inflammation and disease.  Free radicals are simply a group of molecules missing an electron.  You can also provide electron’s by being barefooted on the Earth (best done in unblended, natural fibers as described in Leviticus 19: 19).  Again, more on this in the book.

Funny but when I went to get the link below here for Vern’s story, there’s a comment below the screen that reads, “BAKING SODA Kills CANCER, 2 of 2 Matches NC Dr 30 years ago. Cured his CANCER 5 days YT=VitoVerns CH” and sure enough that’s exactly what happened with me…on the 5th day everything went calm.  I then began reading and taking baths in it with citric acid (all in the Getting Well God’s Way book) and have used it A LOT on my path to deal with this new challenge of being injured by technology.  Sadly, they buried my favorite uncle the same day my breast went calm.  He took the chemo route and wouldn’t listen to me. Can you see that there are things that an enlightened pastor and church can do and should be doing instead of routinely running to the doctor and taking whatever they offer?

This method is modeling a gospel that says you can be ignorant and uninformed BY CHOICE and not have to be bothered with GOD’s standards of health and holiness and when the consequences show up you go to a doctor who also knows nothing about what the Bible teaches about health and healing and ONLY offers chemical-based therapies that can and do harm at a historic level.  I’ve got about five scriptures flying through my head that say this is NOT GOD’s way and it could be a sign that you’re in allegiance with the world.  “Be not conformed to this world but be ye therefore transformed by the renewing of your mind.”  Romans 12: 2  Let’s see “You have become like unfaithful wives having an illicit affair with the world.”  James 4: 4   “Do not abuse the body as is common among those who know nothing of God.”  in Thessalonians (these verses are written from memory so I may have missed a word but again, you get the point; this way is not okay with GOD.

On this blog I wrote only one article thus far, which is a much more detailed version of this post if you care to read it (March 2017) and it shares a list of characteristics of a false religion derived from Zondervan’s Dictionary of Bible Themes and it lists the following attributes of a false religion:

  • it ensnares it adherents,
  • offers no help in time of need,
  • prevents people from finding the truth,
  • it devalues, degrades and defies,
  • leads to immorality,
  • enslaves,
  • receives the full force of God’s anger.

The modern church system now meets these criteria and the blog post describes how that played out in my story. I was absolutely “ensnared” by their teachings and model and was now in trouble. They had no truth to offer me beyond their typical ways. NOTHING. And when I rejected their method after 18 months and a dozen doctors and canceled all my medical appointments and chased GOD down for answers I received soft rebuke and accusations that I must not have enough faith or had hidden sin or their prayers would’ve worked. They were in complete denial about all the other sick people in their church who weren’t getting well either. Nope it had to be something wrong with me.

“The health of the flock is a reflection of the shepherd’s faithfulness.”

Henry Blackaby, co-author of Experiencing God, shared the above insight. Something to think about next time you’re listening to the prayer requests at church.  If you ever read the book GOD INSISTED that I write, your chin will likely be on the ground as you see how far we’ve strayed.  It’s dropped one grown man to his knees in tears and three more have cried after reading it.  They saw what GOD was showing them…they actually FELT IT.  Bottom line, GOD is not happy with what’s going on in His name.

Had I not had my nature and personality and if I had needed peer approval I absolutely would’ve been prevented from finding the truth.  Fortunately many humans had failed me at that point in my life and I’d learned to dismiss much of their flawed reasoning.  In fact, I had to leave this organized church system so I could hear GOD direct me and not put up with their judgmental and uninformed ways.  I knew they were off track because it didn’t feel right to go from human to human hoping they had my answers.  This was confirmed when I read Psalms 33: 22, “May your loving kindness and mercy O Lord be available to me in proportion to my waiting and hoping for you.”  Nope I was being taught to wait in the doctor’s office and hope he had my answers.  Well if God’s mercy is in proportion then I was waiting in the wrong office.

As it turns out it was the prepared foods, Rx and over the counter drugs and the mercury fillings in my teeth. There was no hidden sin and no lack of faith. When they dismissed me for taking a different path they absolutely devalued me, degraded the importance of the journey GOD was taking me down and defied His authority, the truth of His word as well as logic, wisdom and understanding.

How does it lead to immorality? Well it directs the congregants to put more faith in the human medical system and thereby building it into a system that now has enough clout to FORCE injected substances into people and their children against their will.  This is being done by a group who’s been given complete legal immunity from any harm from these injections and the government NEVER DID THE SAFETY STUDIES over a 30-year period that were the condition of this legal immunity.  Every single manufacturer has plead guilty to fraud yet their still in business.  One of them actually held a study in a very poor country where they falsified parental authorizations and fourteen babies died.  Instead of fourteen counts of murder they were fined $100,000.  Ephesians 5: 11 says “Have nothing to do with evil but rather expose it.”  Nope, we’ve been trained to head right on over there with your uninformed, trusting selves.  It empowers evil which is being seen clearly in a tyrannical medical system that has now infected our politics, our children’s minds, our schools, our news media, our entertainment, our sciences….This evil goes on and is progressing in it’s deployment because of mainstream Christianity’s support of this system.  It teaches the flock to trust more in the human medical system  than in the GOD they profess to love, to take the Rx drugs that kill and cause disease, and don’t bother with the root issues such as diet, lifestyle, relationships and a healthy electrical environment.  “Be sober, be vigilant…”  and “Wise as a snake, harmless as a dove” comes to mind.  Nope….ignorant, uninformed, undisciplined, comfort-driven is where the flock is now and I just can’t be part of that.  It’s terribly painful to watch once your eyes are opened.  Sad even.

It enslaves because it gets the adherents addicted to this way of thinking and living and then they can’t break out and TRUST GOD when they need to. When a doctor says “cancer” they completely fall apart and do whatever he tells them and most of them die from doing so.  They don’t have the courage, nature or personality to stare down the organized church; their social group.  There’s a scripture in Philippians that speaks of the people whose GOD is their belly and who glory in their shame, it’s about them letting their appetite dictate their lifestyle and how this way of living…well, the adherents are referred to as “enemies of the cross of Christ.”

This ENTIRE picture cumulatively is presenting a new gospel in that it says “Eat what you want. Don’t be informed. Don’t bother with self-discipline…just do whatever you want and when the consequences show up we’ll pray a prayer and GOD will make all the consequences go away because He loves you and if He doesn’t then there must be something wrong with you….not us.” Congregants are victimized by their lack of knowledge AND NOW….THE PEOPLE ACTUALLY PREFER TO BE IGNORANT and get offended if anyone suggests another way.

It also models a life that says we don’t need to be set apart from the world and that our body is not the temple of the Holy Spirit….it’s an amusement park…have fun. And then there’s this verse which makes it very clear that I am NOT to have anything to do with a false religion calling itself a church in 2 John 1: 10 below.

Now that the churches have added cell towers and Wi-Fi to their list of amenities, microwaving their congregants just like the world system led them to do, I certainly won’t be going.  We have strayed very far from GOD and His Ways.  Did you know that your cell phone is a microwave radio?  That Wi-Fi is 245 BILLION cycles per second of microwave radiation? What kind of electric meter do you have on your home and what do you know about it?  Uh huh….better stay close to the true GOD and not allow some pastor with a nice smile and a feel-good message to lower GOD’s standards.  When/if you find you don’t have enough “oil” in your lamp and the Bridegroom has closed the door, where will that pastor be then?

You can read more about how I was harmed by modern technology and what I learned about all this on my NoATT.blog site by clicking on the link below: https://neighborsorganizingagainsttrespassingtechnology.blog/

_ If someone comes to your meeting and does not teach the truth about Christ, don't invite him into your house or encourage him in any way. Anyone who encourages him becomes a partner in his evil work._

Here’s the link to Vern’s prostate+ cancer story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Grtrm8tk4d4&list=PLEpr4aa9rk9rY9WgLF4t9UqYSPe4SYTLZ

If you want to order the book, you can do so here:  https://www.amazon.com/Getting-Well-Gods-Kathy-Bates/dp/1508839514/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8

I hope they wake up and repent in time….You simply can’t slap a plastic fish and good intentions on a carnal lifestyle and deem it good enough to be called “Christianity.”

Walk the walk!


GOD’s Continued Efforts

Screenshot (1261)

If you’d like to see what GOD has directed me to since the book was completed, this link will take you to the other blog where this picture is and why.  You’ll find it as the last post on the right side of the page.

GOD IS BUSY.  What are you doing to help Him?  


Christianity 2.0


Christianity 2.0

On this blog you’ll find several videos, one 3-part testimony by a reader (Christina Parga). She had a 2-hour healing encounter with GOD in her bedroom while reading the book. You have to be ready to see some things you haven’t seen or been willing to see about the lived-out version of modern Christianity but if you’ve been sitting in the pews watching the prayer requests and the lack of health and healings and wondered why…this book will “open your eyes” as Brooke Wilson worded it.  And Carla Flores, Oh my goodness that woman is having a powerful experience with it. Jennifer Joseph called it “the book I can’t shut up about” and Generalee Edgecomb bought 50 of them and distributed them throughout his town. He says it’s the book he prayed for years for someone to write. I blame him for GOD locking me in a bedroom crying and writing for 5 years. He cried the first time we spoke on the phone “You’re a messenger from GOD and if we don’t listen to you, we’re going to regret it.” I was shaking at times while writing it. It’s confronting! Toby Monte shared “I think you wrote a masterpiece.” She made me laugh several times with the pm’s she sent while reading it. At one point her husband asked her “Do you think she’s really talking to GOD?” She replied “I do” and he chimed in “I do too.” Susan Ryan Burke posted a comment on Facebook “Reading, reading, reading your book and wondering why it isn’t required reading for all.” She heard my interview with Lloyd Burrell of ElectricSense dot com. The recording is on the blog. He’s a great interviewer and at the end he said “I’ve never read the bible or been to a church; never even thought about GOD until I read your book.” I smiled with deeeeep acknowledgment that all the personal sacrifices I made to get it written may in fact end up being worth it. Kendall Clark-Doden well that woman swears I saved her life and will snap at you like an angry chihuahua if you dare show me any disrespect on social media. LOL… Christine Phethean was (I think) the first person to reach out to me on FB after Dr. Tenpenny intro’d me/the book to the world on the Robert Scott Bell Show. She read the intro I emailed her, then read it to her husband, Dennis Phethean, and he asked if I’d Skype with him. We spoke for 3 hours and he shared midway that he’d begun crying shortly after we began talking and had not been able to stop. “When you speak, I hear GOD and I haven’t heard GOD in a very long time.” Tonya Petrill wrote some words of acknowledgement that came at a critical time. A pastor’s wife, Misty Morgan Dixon, chimed in. She too came out of the cultural coma and pharmaceutical agenda that’s been adopted and ordained by modern Christianity and was having a similar experience as my own awakening. Jennifer Burroughs sent a picture of the book with her highlighters in hand “It goes everywhere with me.” Patricia Hartzog was an early cheerleader. Her loudest chant is that this book belongs in every building on every church campus. She’s fussed at me, in love, as I’ve struggled to survive what DIDN’T happen after it came out. I think it was Veronica Rosado who wrote that she had received the book that morning and read to page 25. “My heart broke. I had to stop, inhale & exhale. I was in tears, arm hair was standing at some points…”

It took me 21 years to live through the story and get it written. It destroyed my 25-year marriage (because GOD showed up and He takes up a lot of room) and that gave the ex one option (HELP GOD achieve His mission) but he instead chose to be threatened that I would “become a success and decide I didn’t need him).   In time, GOD lost His patience and took me from the whole lot; my only child, my granddaughters,my perceived security in this. A year after I left this toxic family situation, He took my clients away, my car and worldly goods had to be sold, and I had to move in with my Mom and drive my deceased stepfathers’ truck, to finish the mission.

I cried for 5 years while finishing it, knowing most Christians won’t even read it. They’re too busy and assume they’re on the right track because the pastor smiles at them I guess because when you truly read the Bible, you’ll see there’s some things coming that they aren’t ready for even though it says “MANY WILL BE FOOLED…EVEN THE VERY ELECT.” Who do they think He’s talking to? GOD gave someone a message for me 60 days after the book went online, in a dream/vision, but I didn’t understand it. Turns out, GOD HAD YET ANOTHER experience and revelation that has now taken another 5 years to walk me into/through. The words written by Tonya Petrill are even more resounding now “I bet it’s been frustrating watching what GOD is doing with the book knowing that this needs to get into as many hands as possible.” I cried reading her words and then another 5 years were added to the quest. YES, IT IS frustrating! It’s been a brutal journey. It’s hard being someone who GOD says “Let me show you something to show the others.” FYI: “The others” don’t want to know and in fact think they know it all so aren’t interested. GOD doesn’t deal in wimpy warnings and this last jaunt of His had me parked at the computer for 6-8 months reading about all this wireless tech and where we are in this potential tragedy that has already begun to unfold. I’m now on yet another assignment that’s VERY CHALLENGING. You can read about it at NoATT dot blog. The last post on the site shares an image of words written in the first pages of the first journal I started keeping after GOD showed up in my world and became so noisy that I knew I should try to write some accounts of what was happening (28+ years ago).

So many people stepped up and spoke up and I’m deeply grateful. I know I missed some of you, possibly important people, but you know who you are and what you wrote to me and how we connected; that’s all that matters. I’ve been called a “goddess” and a “warrior” but in all honesty I’m a broken vessel. I’m tired of being deployed and watching “church people” who should know better, give their support/money to the pastors and medical doctors while GOD’s messengers go without support. Money is energy. If you or the group you claim to be part of makes up 73 to 88% of the culture, what you do matters and when that large of a demographic group puts their support behind the wrong teachers, the wrong remedies, the wrong providers then the entire culture follows that path and evil prevails. Look around at this world’s condition and consider this, NOTHING CHANGES IF NOTHING CHANGES! You need to take your life/devotions before GOD and ask Him to show you if you should be doing something different as the times indicate we’re getting close to the FINAL EXAM. 2 John 1:10 says you shouldn’t even have lunch with these pastors who aren’t teaching the truth or you BECOME A PARTNER IN THEIR EVIL.” If they have Coke machines at the church, and ONLY utilize mainstream medicine, know NOTHING about how to help you get well or stay well from principles of wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and teach you that you’re going to fly away and skip the FINAL EXAM you need to be concerned. Remember “even the very elect” will be fooled. THANK YOU TO ALL OF THOSE WHO HAVE HELPED ME REMAIN…though often unsteady, sad, and sooooo anxious to GO HOME. I’ve had to be a certain kind of person to live this story. Those same traits make my heart break over and over as I see where we are and how far we are from GOD, from hearing GOD, and from responding to Him. We do have a RESPONSE-ABILITY and we need to use it. Please go before GOD over the next few weeks, OFTEN, and ask Him if you should be doing something different than you’re doing because this way of life we’re living is supporting a whole lot of evil. Take the first step perhaps and order the book! Blessings on your journey and I’ll keep trying to keep my chin up and “wait upon the Lord” with less angst.

You can explore the book listing on Amazon by clicking the link below: https://www.amazon.com/Getting-Well-Gods-Kathy-Bates/dp/1508839514

Outgrowing Your Pot

GOD told me in the beginning of this story, “I’m going to take you through many unfamiliar places to show you some things.  DO NOT STAY ANYWHERE TOO LONG. We have much ground to cover.”  What an incredible journey it’s been!  One of my favorite sayings I heard along the way seems appropriate here:

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  

If you're doing it right you'll outgrow many wonderful teachers.



“Every home & every Church building should have, read & share this book!”

Every home & every Church building should

You can explore the book on the Amazon listing by clicking on the following link:


“God bought you with a high price. So you must honor God with your body.”

When I was changing my lifestyle (1)


This book is “truth that makes you squirm, scream and wonder how you never saw it before…”

Writing a book is a very scary thing to do…putting your thoughts, beliefs and findings in print for everyone to view and review but I did it because GOD wasn’t going to let me not do it.  HE INSISTED that this book be written; wasn’t accepting “I don’t want to…” as a reason.  IT HAD TO BE DONE!

This reader is one of the one’s who’s had an amazing eye-opening experience from it.  VERY INTERESTING that she feels the book was written for “the ones left behind (which is coming very soon), and a gift for those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear NOW.”  I’ve wondered many times if this was it’s purpose.  From the journey GOD has taken me on I’ve been able to see what He sees and can state pretty adamantly that He isn’t happy with the modern version of Christianity especially in America.  

We have a lot of scripture verses that warn us about being aligned with the ways of the world (James 4: 4).  Another verse refers to those “whose god is their belly and who glory in their shame…they are enemies of the cross of Christ.”  (Phil. 3: 17-19).  “Not all who say Lord, Lord shall enter the kingdom…” Matt. 7) and then “Be ye hot or be ye cold but if ye be lukewarm I will vomit you out of my mouth” in Revelations.  

GOD described this book to me as “a list of charges and if ignored it becomes an indictment” all words that let me know He’s actually building a case against this version of “church” that’s been brought forward.  And yes, I suppose if those who are living this way are left behind this book will help them see why…how they made GOD mad and failed to “have enough oil in their lamps” and found the door shut. 


GWGW Truth that makes you squirm, scream and wonder

Here’s a link to explore the book on Amazon: 


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