“…What an eye opening book…like scales were lifted off my eyes…”

“I just am finishing up the book “Getting Well God’s Way”! What an eyeopening book is all I can say! There are so many nuggets in this book ! Kathy is raw and upfront of the journey God took her on to get to a place of healing. She was sick and tired of doctors and just getting sicker and sicker.. I am in the same boat which is what drew me to this book. It was like the scales were lifted off my eyes to see the truth of how sick our foods really are and how God’s plan for eating is created for health. I reached out to Kathy once I was just about done the book. She responded promptly and is a lovely woman with a lot of wisdom from God and from her years of studying! I recommend this book to anyone who wants to achieve health in a natural way. I have increased my water intake and understand the importance as Kathy goes into detail with so much information as to why!!!!”  D. Moore

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“the modern church is a mess..”

yes _the modern church is a mess..._


Pastor’s Wife is Reading the Book!

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“It will rock your world and change your life!”

Getting Well God's Way, a book written as a labor of love


Reader shares her miraculous healing & spiritual experience of reading the book!

This video is part 2.  I haven’t watched part 1 yet but this was so great I had to share.

A pastor’s wife chimes in…

Holy Yoga Teacher


Your book literally changed my life!

_Your book blessed me in so many ways...it literally changed my life..._


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