Because of the book Getting Well God’s Way, the Lord’s guidance and prayer, I have avoided knee surgery!

I’m so pleased to see that this reader, now a friend, is OFF THE WALKER. There’s another screen shot of her knee issues on here a few posts back. This is what’s possible when you’re patient. Sadly, we’ve created a lifestyle where most don’t have time to wait for God’s Ways to work but when you do, you’ll learn that our body’s truly are self-healing organisms. It grieves me that this vital reality has been set aside by the modern version of Christianity. That one demographic almost wholly sustains the pharmaceutical industry according to statistics.

I met this beautiful soul on Facebook and we share the status of “injured by wireless technology”. After I updated the Getting Well God’s Way book with 20 pages telling my story of injury and what I’ve learned thus far, I mailed her a copy. You’ll see many of her posts on this blog. She may be my “prize student” as she’s certainly had a life-changing experience with the book.

She refers here to EMF and EMR which is Electromagnetic Fields and Electromagnetic Radiation. The condition has several other names such as Microwave Illness or ElectroHyper Sensitivity and Electromagnetic Sensitivity. It was known as Radio Wave Sickness after WWII. Many people are succumbing as the profit and greed driven industries who are clearly disconnected-from-God deploy more and more and more into our world. Divine guidance includes restraint. You might find my other blog of interest which details my story and supportive information gathered since my acute event with my cell phone. There are many things we should be doing to use technology safely. First step is to recognize there is a problem!

I no longer own a cell phone and can’t be around them. They make me hurt and a general feeling of unwellness takes over my body. This means I can no longer live in the world. Wifi makes me feel like I’m being electrocuted, like it’s leaking into my body and the longer I stay in it the more intense it gets until I will literally run from it. I’m lucky that I can feel it and know what it is. Most people just end up with cancer or Afib and have no idea where it came from.

We who are injured are the warning messengers that the environment is out of balance. Below is the link to my other blog and the Featured Post I created is the result of 7-8 months of reading I did after I learned to hard wire, ground and shield my computer and get my body on track for healing. That included moving from Austin, TX where technology was dense and 5G was starting to be launched, to the Ozark mountains, 14 hours north down in between two mountains in a steel skinned cabin. People need to get informed because nothing will change until they do. Please go spend some committed time on that site.

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“I have been ridiculed & most of these attacks have come from the church members-including pastor and pastor’s wife.”

THIS is why GOD INSISTED that I write this book. He’s not happy with the teachings being modeled by the so-called “churches” and when He reveals His biblical truth to a true seeker then the church people turn on them. They aren’t the least bit concerned with what the truth might be, it’s that someone dares to step out of the group-think dynamic in place. THIS IS NOT HOW A TRUE CHURCH BEHAVES! You might want to get before God if you’ve been part of this because the Bible says “their conduct nullifies their claims of faith” and “Not all who say ‘Lord Lord’ will enter the kingdom but those who DO the will of God.” This needs to stop and knowledge and repentance need to take it’s place. THIS is also the reason I will have nothing to do with organized religion. It actually sickens my spirit. I hope the TRUE CHURCH wakes up and changes what they’ve become. Amen

Healing Prayer Testimonial on a young man with brain injury.

I met this sweet crew when they came to inspect our home (at the time) for suitability for bee hives. This young man was a long time friend of the family who had a traumatic brain injury. I could tell that his energy was erratic so I began using the gift God gave me back in the early 90’s that’s developed over the years along with my own growth and understanding. While out and out miracles have happened that’s not the norm. God is ultimately in charge of the outcome, not me. I simply do what I’ve learned to do, which is very prayerful in mind and somewhat “other worldly” in my experience. Usually I am here to assist but not to remove consequences. God works best when the recipient is also working towards restoring health. This means that they shouldn’t be living in a means that undermines or destroys health. Sometimes, it’s just pure grace…my heart wants to help. So I began doing a few sessions on this young man and this is the text message I received after a few days of doing the work on him. There’s so much more to learn than what’s being offered at the modern version of church. God is standing right here waiting for you to invite Him in at a deeper level. Yes, this will mean that you have to move into deeper levels of awareness and obedience but if you want to see or experience bigger things, surrendering comforts and entitlements is part of the price to pay. MOST won’t do it but will instead run to the doctors and take Rx pills. Please, stop and consider how God sees this. You might also get the book GOD INSISTED that I write as many are having deeper spiritual experiences as they see the path I took. I’ll post the link below.

BTW: I no longer have a cell phone after mine almost killed me. I now have a corded landline telephone and work from a hard-wired, grounded, and shielded computer and I too am sitting on a grounding mat. I have a paper catalog from a company who sells this stuff and on the cover of the first issue it reads “Celebrating 20 Years”. So, I want to know if they’ve been in business for 20 years, why didn’t anyone see the need to inform the consumer that we needed to be doing these things in order to use this technology safely. You’ll be appalled at what you’ll learn from my experience. I created another blog to share my story and supportive documentation to my claims:

Today, I would also strongly suggest that all wireless be kept out of the environment of a brain-injury patient. Here’s why:

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Blessings on your journey

“This book continues to strengthen me with knowledge to make the necessary changes in my lifestyle…”


“I feel better when Kathy visits me in Dreamland.”

This memory came up recently on Facebook so I thought I’d share it here.

So, I had a new reader/fan of the book who’d become a friend and financial supporter. Her love and honor towards me has been beyond refreshing, like speaking life to dry bones. Her financial gifts have felt like oxygen at times, along with her “We’re here for you. If you need something please tell us.” I often didn’t, but just to know that someone has my back in that way was incredibly reassuring. I could breathe and focus on other things instead of my monkey mind going “What ya gonna do? You’re broke …” It’s distracting, unproductive and annoying, and takes a lot of wind out of my sails so…

I started doing what I call “Healing Prayer” on her family just as a means of returning the love. It’s a gift God gave me early in my journey that has developed over the decades. There’s several testimonials on this blog but I’ve almost stopped doing this work with the exception of children, pets and in urgent situations where the person isn’t living a life that destroys health. Doing work on people living contrary to health principles is senseless and now that most people carry a 2-way microwave radio stuck up to their heads and are living in a world of Wifi, which is 245 Billion Cycles Per Second of microwave radiation and our gamma radiation levels are at historic levels and reportedly “unfixable”, I no longer see the point. Like God, I’m here to support efforts, not remove consequences. I wrote the Getting Well God’s Way book as an intense labor of love that took 21 years to complete. That’s my gift to humanity. It’s THE conversation I want to have with every adult I know. It’s me teaching you to fish instead of buying you a fish dinner. It’s so you can learn the many things we do to undermine and destroy our health and make better choices.

I rarely get paid for this Healing Prayer work because I live in a world that pays pill-pushing doctors and pastors who haven’t taught them the truth and I’m considered “fringe” I suspect would be a good word. It seems humanity has made it’s choice and God got second seat to the system in place such as medical doctors and pharmaceutical drugs instead of the wisdom revealed in the Bible and the gifts He shares with those He loves. Humans really really wish it could be different but they hope God understands is my sense of things. It’s very sad so I just don’t think the gift has a place in this culture, with noted exceptions.

This family has a 15-year-old vaccine-injured daughter. She is verbal but like many, has bad days and gets triggered by many things especially out in public. One day I was on the phone with her mother when she got triggered by something in a restaurant and I literally FELT this child run to me… in the energetic realm. Her energy was palpable, erratic and frightened so I took a few breaths and calmed her and she came out of the trauma almost instantly. A few weeks later, it was a Wednesday, and she had a bad day but I didn’t know about it until late in the day, almost at bedtime so she’d had a rough full day which is really hard on the hormonal and adrenal system. I did a little Healing Prayer before I fell asleep and woke up the next morning (Thursday) and did a longer session on her.

Her Mom called a few hours later to report that they’d gotten in the car to go run some errands and Maddie said very candidly, “I feel better today Momma. I always feel better when Ms. Kathy comes to see me in Dreamland.” Her Mom relayed that she almost drove off the road and asked her to clarify where she meets me and she said “IN DREAMLAND MOM” as if we all know where that is LOL. She then asked her what she does when she sees me in Dreamland and she said “I RUN TO HER.” That’s exactly what she’d done that day a few weeks earlier.

A doctor I used to office with told me “Back in the old days they would’ve called you a sin eater.” That’s the first time I’d heard that but in energetic language that’s exactly right. I take erratic energy and sick energy and run it through my own much higher healing vibration (given by God and maintained through a healthy lifestyle), and the person becomes “better.”

Sadly, over time this Mom was becoming more and more controlling and ended up yelling at me for not watching a video that was intended to get me into a multi-level marketing company and I had to end the relationship. Sending financial support, no matter the amount, will NEVER give anyone rights to call me away from what God has me doing. Humans are odd.

This post should give you many things to think about…if you will.

Blessings on your journey.

God is with us!

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I stood in the shower yesterday for the first time in 1.5 months

The author of #Getting Well God’s Way, Kathy Bates recommended a book to me the minute she saw a post I made about an upcoming complete knee replacement due to “inflammation”. The original diagnosis was “inflammation” in my knee back in July with a cortizone injection (AGAIN). The Dr said the word “inflammation” vs arthritis and something sparked up in me. That was God! I trusted Kathy, even though I had no idea why she would she would send me an “Earthing” book. So, for the last 3.5 weeks now I have been awaiting the 2nd set of cultures to come back to decide on a treatment plan(surgery). I have called every week and sometimes I hear back after multiple messages left in that week. So, in the meantime I am re-reading #gettingwellgodsway and #Earthing. I have ordered and now using Shungite, ordered agrounding pad, grounding rod, more EMF shield gear and drinking apple cider vinegar every day. Here is the talk I have with myself daily. Why??? Why bother to fight to heal my body to live in a world that is saturating my body faster than I can heal it with #emf#emr? Why Lord? I feel overwhelmed n defeated by subjects I know nothing about. Electrons, grounding, conductive, neurons, Ionizing, non-ionizing, free radicals, frequencies, the list goes on. Calgon take me away!!!!! If he brings me to it, he will bring me thru it comes to mind. The paraphrase of I Corinthians 10: 13 but WE have to put forth the effort and willingness. For me, my money too. Nothing is covered by Insurance IF I truly want to heal!!! So, with a $866/month income $600+ goes on gear, supplements, creams, atufg that WILL HEAL and not camouflage my dis-eases. So during these past 2 months now what the Dr did, did not help. What Information they may have, they have yet to share to move forward. I would still be laying here with a leg I could not lift. Everyday, I have consistently done those things, plus, ice it, TENS/heat, lots of self massages with cannibus oil and natural supplemental creams. I take Boron, Tumeric, ACV, Omega 3 and stood in the shower yesterday for the first time in 1.5 months. So, IF what these books state are true and people can actually HEAL, not band aids or create more problems WHY do we pay Physicians and not people like Kathy?

My reply comment: I absolutely LOVE watching you learn GOD’s WAYS. Yes, healing isn’t instant…it’s a process but like I say in the book it’s usually some things we aren’t doing that our body needs and we are doing some things that it doesn’t like. It’s typically not one single thing that heals us but as your story shows…it’s several things. I’ve also learned when things don’t FLOW when you’re trying to get an appt with a doctor, that’s usually God saying “Hold on now. I wanna show you something.” And then we end up having a testimony like you just shared. I AM SOOOOO OVER THE TOP HAPPY TO READ THAT YOU WERE ABLE TO STAND IN THE SHOWER. You make my heart so happy. GROUNDING made HUGE improvements in my left knee which had been injured in 1996; 20 years earlier. First, it made it worse…crippled me up even and I had to use my cane for about 3 weeks but I intuitively knew that something good was happening and that I should just stay with it. Suddenly one day everything was just stronger. Also very happy to see you going forward with the grounding rod and you didn’t even reach out to the teacher. YOU ROCK GIRL. HOPE TO HUG YOU SOME DAY! ❤ And until people start paying/supporting the right messengers we won’t be able to turn this spiritual economy around. My entire life story is almost exclusively about helping people after they’ve spent all their money with the “real” doctors while I go without. It’s a very odd life being a vessel of healing….people act like they shouldn’t have to pay but they pay their lawn guy and mechanic… Biblically, you’re NEVER supposed to go see God’s messengers empty-handed. It’s actually an offense to God as if to say His vessels aren’t worthy of support. A good story to demonstrate this is when Saul and his servant were looking for lost donkeys. “The man of God is in the next town, we could ask him where the donkeys are. But we have nothing to offer him!” They understood that this calling is a high calling requiring A LOT OF SACRIFICES and is not to be exploited or taken lightly or “not honored”. TAKING and not returning breaks the chain of energy. In Indonesia I think it is they have a practice in their culture…if you receive something as a gift YOU ARE REQUIRED to give something away of equal value. It keeps the flow of energy open. Here, people take and it stops right there. I keep hoping that they’ll finally figure out and see that the culture is in the mess it’s in because they’re supporting all the wrong people and wrong ideas. It’s very sad and most people would’ve quit by now but God keeps prodding me so I just keep hoping that some day they’ll understand and change their behavior. This is a big reason I stopped doing the healing work except for children, pets and in emergencies. It’s not shown any honor and it doesn’t feel appropriate to just “give what is holy to the dogs” as scripture puts it. Anyway, MUCH LOVE to you my sweet friend. ❤

Getting Well God’s Way Reviewed by an MD!

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Getting Well God’s Way Now Has 20 Pages of My Wireless Injury Story

I touched the screen...

If you’re on this page then you may know that I lived a very challenging life journey that included a health crisis.  I was a typical American, married, and just had my first child.  We thought going to church was a good thing to do as a family so when my health failed, I did what most church-going people do.  I went forward for prayer and began seeing doctors.  After 18 months and almost a dozen doctors I was worse, much worse.  So I canceled all my medical tests and the followup appointments and slid down the wall of my kitchen and cried. “God, if this doesn’t work, I’m coming home early.”  I’d had enough of their prescription pills, the myriad of tests and the flawed logic and explanations that conveniently let them off the hook for having to know what to do.  “It’s genetic” as if genes don’t need a trigger.  “It’s unexplainable but normal.”  What?  “Some people just have this.”

The modern church members were happy to assume that I must have hidden sin or not enough faith to receive miraculous healing.  As if it was happening all around and I was one of the few who didn’t get that blessing.  Uhmmmm, no.  It rarely happened and God was about to take me on a journey and show me why.

Six months went by and I continued to decline but I was declining while under the care of a host of doctors so nothing had really changed.  I had a PROFOUND experience with God as a child so I knew He was real and figured I had a better chance sitting still and asking for guidance through the storm, so I did.  I was completely willing to go to a particular doctor if led to do so but running from doctor to doctor just felt wrong.  Where was God in that approach?  Moreso, I think there was something in me that wanted to see if God would show up and I was at a place that I was willing to bet my life on it.  I wanted to see what that looked like especially in comparison to what was being presented in the culture.  It’s like some alarm went off inside of me during my 18-month search for health related to our medical system and even the church system I’d become part of. I WANTED TO KNOW THE TRUTH!

One day a friend dropped by and when she saw me, she let out a gasp and made an excuse and left.  Her reaction alarmed me so I got down on my knees by the side of the couch and told God, “I’m going to ask one more time and if something doesn’t happen here, I will not ask again.”  It was time.  I took a long time before I formed my question but when I did, the Heavens shook and God showed up.  Wow, what a ride…but it cost me almost everything!  There’s a law that seems to dictate that “If you’re bringing something forward that shines a bright light, you have to expect an equal pushback.” Evil doesn’t give up ground easily.

It took 21 years to finish writing the book and shortly thereafter someone had a dream with a message for me that I now understand.  It was basically God telling me that He had one more thing He needed to show me and after that the accolades would come for the book.  Someone bought the book two days after it was available and she stuck her thumbnail in what she thought was a random spot in the book.  This moment ended up with me being introduced to the world on a nationally-syndicated radio show by a world-renowned doctor.  You’ll have to read the book to see what happened from there but it now includes 20 pages of what I learned thus far about this highly electric world we live in. I’m still learning and in fact just finished the first of five classes teaching how to create a healthier home environment electrically-speaking.  I suspect I’ll start a podcast at some point or a room for my reader’s or a community site somewhere.

The good news is that after the book came out a man told me that he picked up his wife’s copy and read the introduction and he ended up “on his knees in tears in his living room.” Then another man whose wife heard me on the radio interview reached out from Australia and I emailed her the introduction.  She read it, then read it to her husband who asked if I’d Skype with him.  Half way through our call he said “I need to tell you that I started crying shortly after we began talking and I can’t stop. When you speak, I hear God and I haven’t heard God in a very long time.” He continued to sniffle for what ended up being a 3-hour call. Then another man, an electrical engineer, came up to me in the grocery store and ended up following me out and buying a book from me.  We spoke about six weeks later and at the end of the 2-hour call he too began crying and admitted that he was very concerned after reading about my wireless injury. “Frankly, I’m scared.”  I replied “You should be. We messed up bringing all this in.”  Then another man read the book and then he bought 50 of them to give away.  When we spoke the first time he declared that he’d “…prayed this book in for over a decade.”  I tease him for being the reason God locked me in a bedroom and took everyone and everything away from me that wasn’t in support of it being finished.  At the end of the call his voice began to crack and the tears flowed as he said “You’re a messenger from God and if we don’t listen to you we deserve what comes next.”  I’ll simply admit that it sure seems that way but I walk day by day and surprisingly maintain a pretty upbeat perception about what’s ahead but it WILL require us to go about our lives much different than we’re doing.  What sacrifices are we willing to make?  Several women have also had some pretty incredible experiences with the book.  I post reader comments, my interviews, a few articles and more on this book blog.  Just look over to the right and you’ll see a list of categories to explore.

Stay tuned…I’m not quite sure where this train’s going but if you want to read the book you’ll find it on Amazon or you can order it directly from me at this link:

Kathy “…saved my life! You will get goosebumps, reading about things that resonate deeply…You cannot put her book down.”

Screenshot (40)

Kathy Bates, Author, literally saved my life! I thank God everyday for her.
Had it not been for her, I’d be dead right now. Straight up!!
She’s the ONLY person, that could see that our Smart Meters were killing me. I’d lost a ton of weight, my hair was falling out, I was in Afib constantly, two failed Heart Ablation’s, could not keep ANYTHING down. It all started with Heart issues that I’d never had before, and am now recovering from Rare Adrenal Tumor Cancer Removal Surgery. I was on my way out.
I was fine, until the installation of those meters. Then I started dying, yes, literally dying.
But anyways….
She can, and does back all of her facts. Great book to have in your library. Its an amazing read!
You will get goosebumps, reading about things that resonate deeply, with, a whole lot of what maybe you’ve been going through, or a family member, or loved one has been going through. Yet, no one can figure “it” out.
You cannot put her book down. She’s  a plethoira of information. As you read, you become more, and more engrossed. She speaks, and writes in terms anyone, and everyone can understand.
It was QUITE the awakening for me. Spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.
This book reaches you, deep down into your soul.
I had yet to buy a book that I could truly relate to, like I did when I started reading, “Getting Well God’s Way”.
I believe it was PURE Divine Intervention, and only that, that we even got to “meet”.
She popped up on my Newsfeed, I started following her on Facebook, and was so interested in her messages. Then, I purchased her book,
I was going through some huge medical issues, in just such a short amount of time.
It was the day she “yelled” at me to,  “GET RID OF YOUR SMART METER!”, it REALLY woke me up, and I do mean, TRULY AWOKE ME UP!!!
Had I not listened to her, and she had not woke me up like she did, I WOULD BE dead today. No joke!
I still reference back to GWGW a lot, This book is for everyone, and the newer generations can learn so much from this book as well.
I honestly believe, “Getting Well God’s Way”, WILL BE everyone’s ‘Bible of Survival’, in the future.
It’s not about a book about Religion. However, it IS about everything going on and happening to ALL of us right now.
This book is a MUST for everyone’s library. Young and old, will only benefit from getting this book.
It’s a keeper!
Sincerely, Kendall Doden
You can now order a copy directly from the author at:
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“This book will change your life because it changes your perspective…”

Screenshot (42)

You can now order the book directly from the author, click on the link below:


10 min video-DOCTOR IN TEARS…pleading for us to WAKE UP!

An URGENT Message for Modern Man – 2019

Radiation Binder Front CoverRadiation Binder side view (2)

After I finished writing Getting Well God’s Way and uploaded the manuscript onto Amazoo in April 2015, I touched the screen of my new iPhone 5C and a pain shot up my arm that changed my life.  You NEED to learn what’s going on with the deployment of technology.  I created another blog site for this particular message after I learned how to hard wire my computer and got rid of the Wi-Fi (245 Billion Cycles Per Second of microwave radiation).  I began reading and couldn’t stop for about 7 months.  The document pictured above is what came from that reading frenzy.


The Book Has a New Look and You Can Order a Signed Copy From the Website!

     Excited to share a new look for the book.  I added a subtitle after one of my reader’s kept saying in her posts “It’s not about religion. It’s about everything going on in the world right now.”  I considered changing the main title because so many people have issues with God but I decided against it.  This was the title God spoke to me and for that reason, it stays.  He asked me early on to “reframe” modern Christians understanding when my inclination was to just distance myself, which would’ve been much easier for sure.  I think the title is what it should be and hope those searching will make peace with the idea that there is a God.  The story has converted three atheists because they learned of a God who actually has standards that make sense and met someone living them and producing a consistent witness that says, “God is here, that He loves us, left us instructions, and that church attendance isn’t required and can be misleading.” 

     Modern Christianity has lowered these standards in an effort at inclusion and building their “church business” with the 501C3 alliance with the government that quiets them on vital issues to a culture.  They brought in the ways of the world and endorsed them and ordained them and now their congregants are sickly, foolish and worse, void of knowledge and understanding so they’re easy victims.  The good news is that the door of repentance is still open but what Christianity has become is not okay with God.  If I had any doubts about this they became silenced after it began circulating.  I recently changed the back cover as well to share just a fraction of what’s happened since it came out. 

     I’ve added the option to order/buy the book from the website so I can send signed copies if desired, just click on this link:

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Screenshot (1408)

“…The Christian church must wake up…”

I've never seen so many nails hit directly on the head..The Christian Church must wake up, as a group no group of people on this earth today have been more duped and played, Christian leaders, teachers, pastors sho

Excited to share a new look for the book.  I also added a subtitle, A Handbook for Humans, after one of my zealous reader’s kept saying in her posts “It’s not about religion. It’s about everything going on in the world right now.”  I considered changing the main title because so many people have issues with God but I decided against it.  This was the title God spoke to me and for that reason, it stays.  

     I also added the option to order/buy the book from the website so I can send signed copies if desired, just click on this link:

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“Reading this book and Kathy’s story has inspired me to fully trust God and let Him direct my healing.”

Screenshot (1392)

“Friends!!! I wanted to share this book that I have been reading with all of you. If you have any chronic health ailments, this book was written for you! For the last several years I have been on my own personal health journey to heal from depression, anxiety, irritable bowel, chronic fatigue, adrenal issues, hashimoto’s and more. I have seen numerous doctors, therapists, been hospitalized for psychiatric illness, taken many medications for both physical and mental illness, and still suffered. Doctors have basically given up and said that I would just have to live with chronic illness. I had been unable to work and on disability for the past year and a half until just 2 months ago. It has several changes for me to start getting my health back on track. One was to stop the psychiatric medication that left me feeling like a zombie and unable to function like a normal human being, and the most important was to start TRUSTING GOD and listening to Him on how to heal my body naturally through eating the way He intended for us to eat. I have already embraced so many of the ideas mentioned in this book over the past several years in my quest for healing, but hadn’t put them all into full practice. Reading this book and Kathy Bates story has inspired me to fully trust God and let Him direct my healing. When I first began working again, I wasn’t sure I was going to be successful, so I didn’t even post about it on Facebook. But I have felt so much better emotionally and physically lately that I am capable of working a full time physically demanding job. It’s not perfect and I still have a lot of healing left to go, especially emotionally, but with the steps I have taken so far, things are heading in the right direction. I encourage each one of you to read this book and dare to see what God can do in your life!” Carolyn Radillo

     Excited to share a new look for the book.  I also added a subtitle, A Handbook for Humans, after one of my zealous reader’s kept saying in her posts “It’s not about religion. It’s about everything going on in the world right now.”  I considered changing the main title because so many people have issues with God but I decided against it.  This was the title God spoke to me and for that reason, it stays.  

     I also added the option to order/buy the book from the website so I can send signed copies if desired, just click on this link:

You can still purchase it on Amazon; click here:


pork tapeworm in eye

I shared in the book, Getting Well God’s Way, about how GOD revealed to me that I shouldn’t eat pork, shellfish and the other meats listed in Deuteronomy 14.  The day He showed me this I replied “But wait a minute.  The churches teach that we don’t have to abide by the laws in the Old Testament.”  I heard GOD laugh as He replied “Oh I see.  So you think you got a new digestive tract because Jesus came to the Earth.”  I felt like an idiot.

As I learned more and more about these scavengers I understood why He would direct us to not eat them.  Someone who read the book tagged me in a post that contained the following information on pork.  I thought it was worth sharing here and if you want a real shock, go to Google Images and type in “Pork Parasites” and you’ll see that they get in the gut, the eye (as seen above) and in the brain.  Maybe the Creator knows best and isn’t trying to deprive His spoiled children. Here ya go:

1) A pig is a real garbage gut. It will eat anything including urine, excrement, dirt, decaying animal flesh, maggots, or decaying vegetables. They will even eat the cancerous growths off other pigs or animals.

2) The meat and fat of a pig absorbs toxins like a sponge. Their meat can be 30 times more toxic than beef or venison.

3) When eating beef or venison, it takes 8 to 9 hours to digest the meat so what little toxins are in the meat are slowly put into our system and can be filtered by the liver. But when pork is eaten, it takes only 4 hours to digest the meat. We thus get a much higher level of toxins within a shorter time.

4) Unlike other mammals, a pig does not sweat or perspire. Perspiration is a means by which toxins are removed from the body. Since a pig does not sweat, the toxins remain within its body and in the meat.

5) Pigs and swine are so poisonous that you can hardly kill them with strychnine or other poisons.

6) Farmers will often pen up pigs within a rattlesnake nest because the pigs will eat the snakes, and if bitten they will not be harmed by the venom.

7) When a pig is butchered, worms and insects take to its flesh sooner and faster than to other animal’s flesh. In a few days the swine flesh is full of worms.

8) Swine and pigs have over a dozen parasites within them, such as tapeworms, flukes, worms, and trichinae. There is no safe temperature at which pork can be cooked to ensure that all these parasites, their cysts, and eggs will be killed.

9) Pig meat has twice as much fat as beef. A 3 oz T bone steak contains 8.5 grams of fat; a 3 oz pork chop contains 18 grams of fat. A 3 oz beef rib has 11.1 grams of fat; a 3 oz pork spare rib has 23.2 grams of fat.

10) Cows have a complex digestive system, having four stomachs. It thus takes over 24 hours to digest their vegetarian diet causing its food to be purified of toxins. In contrast, the swine’s one stomach takes only about 4 hours to digest its foul diet, turning its toxic food into flesh.

11) The swine carries about 30 diseases which can be easily passed to humans. This is why Yahuah(God) commanded that we are not even to touch their carcase (Leviticus 11:8).

12) The trichinae worm of the swine is microscopically small, and once ingested can lodge itself in our intestines, muscles, spinal cord or the brain. This results in the disease trichinosis. The symptoms are sometimes lacking, but when present they are mistaken for other diseases, such as typhoid, arthritis, rheumatism, gastritis, MS, meningitis, gall bladder trouble, or acute alcoholism.

13) The pig is so poisonous and filthy, that nature had to prepare him a sewer line or canal running down each leg with an outlet in the bottom of the foot. Out of this hole oozes pus and filth his body cannot pass into its system fast enough. Some of this pus gets into the meat we eat🤢

-Aamer Leghari

     Excited to share a new look for the book.  I also added a subtitle, A Handbook for Humans, after one of my zealous reader’s kept saying in her posts “It’s not about religion. It’s about everything going on in the world right now.”  I considered changing the main title because so many people have issues with God but I decided against it.  This was the title God spoke to me and for that reason, it stays.  

     I also added the option to order/buy the book from the website so I can send signed copies if desired, just click on this link:

You can still purchase it on Amazon; click here:

“She’s been to hell and back and knows a thing or two about healing…”Another 5-Star Review

Screenshot (1408)

If ever there was a time: “A time such as this”, Book of Esther; we are there. Our lives hang in the balance. Medicine is not what it used to be; there is no “bedside manner”. This is survival of the fittest and only the fittest will win. Being fit is not just a physical body thing. It is an all-encompassing, get off your duff, get rid of the crap and take the reins of life back into your own two God-given hands thing. It is time to understand that many institutions, mechanisms and others are at play, including “Big Pharma” and the “AMA”, along with “Big Agra” and a seemingly disappearing government, now under the guise of global domination and leadership by unknown and unseen forces. In other words, we are in deep shit and on our own. So, with that said; “on your own” means, insurance isn’t going to save you, nor are the medications, surgeries, and the endless tests and mis diagnoses and other procedures, too long to list. What just may save humanity, is humanity itself. This means hard work, digging in, digging deep and searching your soul and searching the soul is where God comes in, and come in He must. We cannot do this alone. Adhering to certain programs of exercise and eating right is a good start, but it is not enough. If we don’t start relying on common sense and intuition, we will end up sitting ducks for the establishment which sees us, purely, as customers, and the sicker we are, the more money they will endlessly make. The time has come to take back our health and not be so cozied up to the doctors who see us as money makers for the industry. For me, having no health insurance has insured me better health. Once you give it up to the system, you are theirs for the taking and the taking is big, really big. Kathy Bates drives this message home in a poignant and very deep and meaningful way and includes God along her trek, and impossible figure to mess with and/or deny. My journey for healing my broken body, started with fervent prayer to God for strength and courage and the wisdom to seek out the healers, the messengers, the written works of others, the healing hands of strangers and the good advice for those who know better. Kathy Bates knows better and we should be indebted to her for her desire to bring her message to the forefront. There is nothing impure or indecent in her testimony. It is tender and passionate; she has been to hell and back, as have I, and she knows a thing or two about healing and how to obtain maximum benefits of healing through many modalities. I love this book and I consider her a force going forward in a dangerous new world; a world filled now with toxins, chemicals, bad medicine, doctors gone haywire to increase profits and a broken system which encourages continued dis-ease and does not promote healing through natural remedies and nutrition. Her story is heart-wrenching. We all have a story. Your life is worth taking a closer look at; what are you putting in and on your body, what do you expect to get out of it? Where to start the healing process and all the remedies available for such a journey. I can’t say enough about it. This is important and should not be disregarded as anything other then God’s message for his children on how to live the best life in dangerous times. It’s a dense read, jam-packed with good solid and direct advice, not overwhelming, but I did take many notes, write down all the good info she offers and start right away with a healing elixir for the brain of pink Himalayan crystal sea salt, 1/2 tsp in 16 PH balanced water and I could feel the healing begin, a change in vibration and frequency. I cut out some other dreaded ingredients and foods, like dairy and gluten and lost a couple pounds right off the bat in the first couple weeks. Kathy seeks to heal the world, one willing person at a time. I am with her. ❤  Susan Burke on

     Excited to share a new look for the book.  I also added a subtitle, A Handbook for Humans, after one of my zealous reader’s kept saying in her posts “It’s not about religion. It’s about everything going on in the world right now.”  I considered changing the main title because so many people have issues with God but I decided against it.  This was the title God spoke to me and for that reason, it stays.  

     I also added the option to order/buy the book from the website so I can send signed copies if desired, just click on this link:

You can still purchase it on Amazon; click here:

This book will change your life if you’re ready and willing to go deeper with GOD.

Screenshot (1354)

Here is my final review on Kathy Bates book #GettingwellGodsway…..
If you do not want the truth
If you hate honesty
If you do not want to be convicted by God
If you are not ready to face your own personal truths/demons/weaknesses/flaws. Whatever you choose to call them.
You are sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Think you MIGHT be ready for real change.
Choose Gods way over the worlds way.
Ready to face demons you did not even know you had.
Feel weak, defeated, beaten down.
Losing or lost your health, strength, endurance.
Want REAL change in your health.
If your spiritual life needs a boost or actually a KICK IN THE BUTT!
Want Gods word to guide your steps to a better/stronger/healthier YOU!
My testimony since 8/20/2019……
I hit this book hard at first. I was and still am ready. I had made many comments, reviews over the first 6 months ALL 100% positive on Kathys’ obedience to the Lord calling her to write this book. This IS my 2nd read thru. That was to devise my own plan of attack. Then I hit my own roadblock! Some truths just hit and you realize you are not ready to change this or that for whatever reason. Mine was and IS coffee. I have given up ALOT of addictions over my lifetime when I am ready or God says NOW! I hit this section of her book oh back before March 2020. I read 4 pages into the whole “coffee dehydration” and found myself skimming vs reading and absorbing. Then I put the book down and have not picked it up till today. I KNEW I was and AM going to have to face this particular one. I am asking for Gods help. Its a tough one for me, for several reasons. However, its NOT the whole book. I was not ready and gave up on ME because of that one section. I dont need to explain the why details. We all have our own crosses to bear. My point here is #TRUTH is not easy to face and we ALL lie to ourselves daily to keep up unhealthy habits because it is “easier”. I felt defeated for alot of reasons, one mainly being #EHS. God has slowly been working with me, breathing LIFE and nurturing back into me. This has given me strength to keep fighting. For the first time in my life I am REALLY beginning to understand the whole “our bodies are Gods temple” concept. Not a familiar concept for being survivor of sexual abuse whom has had a hate relationship with my body that I feel failed me early on. That concept IS CHANGING. God has to work with me in a backwards fashion. He gave me life, passion, interests, joy again and NOW I WANT my body to be able to maintain the things that bring me JOY. I can’t do that if I give up on building a strong temple for the Lord. If I give up on me, I give up on him. He truly has inspired me again to this point thru nature watching and gardening. Kathy and I have said numerous times YOU HAVE to step back from her book to just absorb the magnitude of TRUTH that is entailed in the content. Here is my FINAL THOUGHT! There has been 3 pivotal times in my life that were life changing, other than the birth of all my kiddos. 1990 to sober up, met the best Therapist that saved my life. 2014 a friend that educated me on healthier eating, more natural remedies that took me off of 8 of 12 medications due to a rare mass. 2019 #GWGW worked in conjunction with the #makethemaware mission God put me o in 2013. Change ur perspective and change will come but you have to be willing to LOVE YOURSELF enough. Pain has a purpose, make it count. Thank YOU again Kathy! You are an angel in disguise. Fight like a warrior sister and a true inspiration to me and many others. I feel very blessed to have the privilege of meeting you virtually. 💜 I love ya lady!

Here’s my reply comment to her Facebook post:

My dear sweet Carla My Mom was raised on coffee; sat on grandpa’s knees and drank from his cup since she was about 4; she’s 84 now. I’ve told her several times since living with her that she doesn’t drink enough water and coffee is the first thing she puts to her lips. Sleep is very dehydrating as it’s an 8-hour stretch with no water and many of us breathe with our mouths open at night. A cup of coffee removes the equivalent of 12 servings of water from the body, not to mention that it acidifies our body and burns up minerals. It’s not netural in impact on the body.  An 8-ounce cup of Coke/soft drink removes 32 servings of water. So the first thing we should do in the morning is replenish our water and inland sea minerals added to the water is an easy way to do that.

Here we are in the beautiful Ozark mountains and just moved here which was a big deal to move 14 hours from Austin, TX.  We were outside one morning and Mom suddenly said she didn’t feel well. We came inside and I noted that her left eye was angled in about 20 degrees towards her nose which explained her distorted vision. I immediately thought she might be having a stroke.  I said “Mom I’ve been meaning to talk to you about your water intake…” as I was making her what my clients nicknamed “Kathy’s holy water.” I gave her about 16 ounces of it and within 5 minutes her eye went back into proper alignment and her distorted vision corrected. I again explained the coffee dehydration issue and stressed the body’s NEED for water. A few weeks later I noticed that she had not been making her morning coffee and was shocked to find that she stopped drinking it cold turkey that day and had started drinking water in a committed intentioned way.  I WAS AMAZED but she said “I didn’t move to this beautiful place to end up in a bed with someone wiping drool from my chin and changing my diapers!” BAM…

I’ve always said “People change when they get tired of suffering but you’re doing this as a response to your love for GOD. I know you’re hard on yourself and learning to love yourself but I want you to know that you need to be very proud of the fact that you have taken this book in at such an intense HONEST level and allowed it to CONFRONT you. Many have done that but most people won’t go to the depths you have.

Please PM me your address as I want to send you the coffee substitute that Mom and I drink and we/she loves it. Leila BW turned me on to it after she read the book and stopped drinking coffee. It’s roasted dandelion root and roasted chicory mixed together. We put it in a tea strainer and pour hot water over it and steep it like tea for a few minutes. We add whipping cream, not half and half, and it’s so close to the coffee that it satisfies the desire. It also supports liver health, kills cancer cells, and has prebiotics in it… I’m thinking it may be time to start a podcast but I’m trying to find the will to kick it off. I need to do a bunch of little things to hopefully monetize the efforts. It heals my soul to see this book that was written at GREAT personal costs be such a force in someone’s life. I’m honored. Please pm me your mailing address.

     Excited to share a new look for the book.  I also added a subtitle, A Handbook for Humans, after one of my zealous reader’s kept saying in her posts “It’s not about religion. It’s about everything going on in the world right now.”  I considered changing the main title because so many people have issues with God but I decided against it.  This was the title God spoke to me and for that reason, it stays.  

     I also added the option to order/buy the book from the website so I can send signed copies if desired, just click on this link:

You can still purchase it on Amazon; click here:

The book I can’t stop talking about!

The book I can't stop talking about

     Excited to share a new look for the book.  I also added a subtitle, A Handbook for Humans, after one of my zealous reader’s kept saying in her posts “It’s not about religion. It’s about everything going on in the world right now.”  I considered changing the main title because so many people have issues with God but I decided against it.  This was the title God spoke to me and for that reason, it stays.  

     I also added the option to order/buy the book from the website so I can send signed copies if desired, just click on this link:

You can still purchase it on Amazon; click here:

Why I Reject Organized Religion!


The shepherds of my people have lost their senses.

My answer to yet another inquiry about why I don’t go to church and the routine comment that the “Bible says we aren’t to forsake the assembly…” Here’s the answer I gave:

First, I can hear a message by opening my own Bible or any one of the books we’re actively reading in this home that are actually about prophecy and revelations regarding the end times but much more is examined because we’re intrigued and want to know.

Next is the reality that I’m very much having a “John the Baptist” kind of journey where GOD’s asked me to yell at the slackers that it’s time to “make straight the way of the Lord” because “He’s coming soon.”  If you notice GOD kept John out in the wilderness away from the people.  He once revealed that His purpose in doing this was to keep him from becoming corrupted so it’s kind of funny to think about the religious zealots going up to John the Baptist and telling him that he’s supposed to be in church.  Ha.  I’m pretty sure that would be a rowdy service if he did.  Once God opened my eyes it became unbelievably hard for me to attend.

Bottom line, it’s the entire PROGRAM that churches present that I find offensive. The Coke machines, the junk food served, and the prayers prayed that assume, presume and even direct their congregants to mainstream doctors as an “ordained” way of living.  They know NOTHING about what their own Bible teaches about health and healing so they pray prayers for the wrong things for the wrong reasons as if GOD has to bring health the way we want, on our terms.  Again, this is NOT what the Bible teaches at all but makes GOD a puppet of sorts.  An example is their typical prayer for the doctor to “have wisdom and knowledge in their treatment…” but not recognizing these doctors aren’t trained in methods of “wisdom and knowledge”.  They use powerful chemicals that are chemically-based, profit-driven, with a track record of corruption, injury and death.  Why in the world would a shepherd direct their flock to this?  Because he doesn’t know any better and yes there’s a time and place for doctors.  They do very well at trauma and can give you a second chance but if you return to the way you were living in the first place there’s no wisdom in that.  “Go and sin no more or something worse may come upon you” was spoken several times by Jesus to those He healed.  Nope, we go right back to it…ignorant because nobody tells us any different. “As a dog returns to his vomit so does a fool return to his folly.”  Proverbs 26: 11

For the record, mainstream doctors do not take courses in nutrition and know nothing about natural methods such as herbal therapy used for thousands of years or other nature-based ideas.  The pastors don’t know how to keep their flock healthy so they aren’t teaching their congregants how to get well and stay well to avoid said pill-pushing doctors in the first place.  The other side of that story is that the two pastors I’ve heard of who knew and tried to teach their congregants a better way were rejected by the congregation and they risked losing their church/job so they backed off and continued with the pacifier-cleaning operation. The congregation rejected the “meat” being offered, preferring to stay on the milk, to use a Biblical picture.

A good story to illustrate how knowing some basics about health can save your life is drawn from my recent experience in October of 2016.  I touched the screen of my new cell phone and a pain shot up my arm and settled in for two hours before even beginning to let up.  It felt like a blood pressure cuff was on too tight.  Over the next few days and weeks that pain settled into my underarm and headed into my breast.  The pain then began to travel from the outside to the bottom and gaining in intensity and now the burning had begun as it headed up to the center.  Though I had changed my diet and lifestyle to one of Biblical living I was still living like the television and churches model by having a cell phone, Wi-Fi, a wireless alarm system and a toxic electric meter bringing sick currents into the home wiring. We had 23 cell towers and 112 antennas in a 4-mile radius of our home and while that may be shocking it’s way under the new norm of 400+ towers in a 4-mile radius and 300+ antennas. One beast tower was .25 miles from our home, IN our subdivision and needed nobody’s consent to do so because our government has failed at their jobs too.  Remember we live in a fallen world so it’s not wise to play with it or rely on it.  It was through this event that I learned that all this stuff is deadly and created a blog to help others see what I see now.  I’ll post the link for that blog at the end of this.

Had I not been the person that I am who took the journey that is the subject of the Getting Well God’s Way book I would not have known what to do and would’ve run to the doctor just like everyone else does.  So tell me. what you think they would’ve done? I would’ve been presenting myself in a building full of cell phones, microwave ovens, fluorescent lights, Wi-Fi, and cleaning chemicals and subjected to stressful information and maybe the removal of the breast and chemo and radiation.  Obviously, my body had it’s electrical system assaulted so none of these accepted and ordained therapies would’ve been appropriate and likely would’ve killed me.  I walked into my bedroom and looked out the windows at the sky and said “Father, I don’t have a clue what to do here.  This doesn’t look good.”  I was immediately reminded of a man who arrested his stage 4 prostate cancer that had spread to his bones and lungs I think it was.  I put his story in the Getting Well God’s Way book because the theory made sense to me.

     “Dr. Warburg has made it clear that the root cause of cancer is oxygen deficiency, which creates an acidic state in the human body. Dr Warburg also discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic (do not breathe oxygen) and cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen, as found in an alkaline state.”

If you take a small dose of baking soda and molasses or maple syrup, the sugar will attract the cancer because sugar FEEDS cancer.  When the cancer cells come to eat the sugar they meet the baking soda which is like cyanide to a cancer cell.  It increases the oxygen and the baking soda is also an electron donor so it satisfies free radicals which cause inflammation and disease.  Free radicals are simply a group of molecules missing an electron.  You can also provide electron’s by being barefooted on the Earth (best done in unblended, natural fibers as described in Leviticus 19: 19).  Again, more on this in the book but clearly doctors can’t make money by recommending baking soda and molasses.  Chemo is actually a product the doctor can buy at wholesale and sell at retail so it’s a money-maker.

Of interest, when I went to get the link below here for Vern’s story, there’s a comment below the screen that reads, “BAKING SODA Kills CANCER, 2 of 2 Matches NC Dr 30 years ago. Cured his CANCER 5 days YT=VitoVerns CH” and sure enough that’s exactly what happened with me…on the 5th day everything went calm.  I then began reading Dr. Sircus’ book on Sodium Bicarbonate (aka baking soda) and taking baths in it with citric acid (all in the Getting Well God’s Way book) and have used it A LOT on my path to deal with this new challenge of being injured by technology.  Sadly, they buried my favorite uncle the same day my breast went calm.  He took the chemo route and wouldn’t listen to me. Can you see that there are things that an enlightened pastor and church can do and should be doing instead of routinely running to the doctor and taking whatever they offer?

This way is modeling a gospel that says you can be ignorant and uninformed BY CHOICE and that you needn’t be bothered with GOD’s standards of health and holiness. Further, it teaches that when the consequences show up you go to a doctor who also knows nothing about what the Bible teaches about health and healing who ONLY offers chemical-based therapies that can and do harm and are doing so at a historic level.  I’ve got about five scriptures flying through my head that say this is NOT GOD’s way and also imply and some state quite emphatically that this is a sign that you’re in allegiance with the world system.  “Be not conformed to this world but be ye therefore transformed by the renewing of your mind.”  Romans 12: 2  Let’s see “You have become like unfaithful wives having an illicit affair with the world.”  James 4: 4   “Do not abuse the body as is common among those who know nothing of God.”  in 1 Thessalonians 4: 5   “Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and was bought with a price so glorify GOD in your mortal body.”  Many, many more verses indicate clearly that our health and quality of life is a witness to an unbelieving world.  We aren’t supposed to be sickly, uninformed and undisciplined in our living!  (These verses and references are written from memory so I may have missed a word but surely you can see that this way is not okay with GOD.)

On this blog I wrote only one article thus far, which is a much more detailed version of this post if you care to read it (March 2017) and it shares a list of characteristics of a false religion derived from Zondervan’s Dictionary of Bible Themes and it lists the following attributes of a false religion:

  • it ensnares it adherents,
  • offers no help in time of need,
  • prevents people from finding the truth,
  • it devalues, degrades and defies,
  • leads to immorality,
  • enslaves,
  • receives the full force of God’s anger.

The modern church system now meets these criteria! The March 2017 blog post describes how that played out in my story. I was absolutely “ensnared” by their teachings and model and was now in trouble. They had no truth to offer me beyond their typical ways. NOTHING. And when I rejected their method after 18 months and a dozen doctors and canceled all my medical appointments and chased GOD down for answers I received soft rebuke and accusations that I must not have enough faith or had hidden sin, or their prayers would’ve worked. They were in complete denial about all the other sick people in their church who weren’t getting well either. Nope it had to be something wrong with me.

“The health of the flock is a reflection of the shepherd’s faithfulness.”

Read that again!  It’s a statement by Henry Blackaby, co-author of Experiencing God. Something to think about next time you’re listening to the prayer requests at church.  If you ever read the book GOD INSISTED that I write, your chin will likely be on the ground as you see how far we’ve strayed.  It’s dropped one grown man to his knees in tears and three more have cried after reading it.  They saw what GOD was showing them…they actually FELT IT.  Bottom line, GOD is not happy with what’s going on in His name.

Had I not had my nature and personality and if I had needed peer approval I absolutely would’ve been prevented from finding the truth. I had to machete through the social walls to get above the noise.  Fortunately many humans had failed me at that point in my life and I’d learned to dismiss much of their flawed reasoning.  I eventually had to leave this organized church system so I could hear GOD direct me and not put up with their judgmental and uninformed ways.  I knew they were off track because it didn’t feel right to go from human to human hoping they had my answers.  This was confirmed when I read Psalms 33: 22, “May your loving kindness and mercy O Lord be available to me in proportion to my waiting and hoping for you.”  Nope I was being taught to wait in the doctor’s office and hope he had my answers.  Well if God’s mercy is in proportion then I was waiting in the wrong office, placing my hope in the wrong vessel and likely offending GOD.

As it turns out it was the prepared/processed foods, Rx and over the counter drugs and the mercury fillings in my teeth. There was no hidden sin and no lack of faith. When they dismissed me for taking a different path they absolutely devalued me, degraded the importance of the journey GOD was taking me down and defied His authority, the truth of His word as well as logic, wisdom and understanding.

How does it lead to immorality? Well it directs the congregants to put more faith in the human medical system and thereby building it into a system that now has enough clout to FORCE injected substances into people and their children against their will.  This is being done by a group who’s been given complete legal immunity from any harm from these injections and the government NEVER DID THE SAFETY STUDIES over a 30-year period that were the condition of this legal immunity.  Every single manufacturer has plead guilty to fraud, submitting fake data to the FDA, tampering with test samples, bribing doctors, deception and more yet they’re still in business.  One of them actually held a study in a very poor country where they falsified parental authorizations and fourteen babies died.  Instead of fourteen counts of murder they were fined $100,000.

This “ordained by the churches” industry/system created an opiate epidemic that was recently killing 128 people a day and has wrecked many lives and broken many families.  Of interest is that I broke my back in 1994 and had another fall 18 months later.  I spent a year in a torso brace and a knee brace but quickly got off of all pain meds because I understood that they will not heal me.  Again, I grabbed on to GOD and He taught me how to heal my body.  I was in crippling pain for 11 years but today you can barely detect a limp unless I’m going upstairs.  My x-rays showed me to be a paraplegic but GOD had different plans. When I came out of my ordeal the opiate epidemic was on the rise.  GOD has ways we know not of but He will reveal them if we move closer to Him.  The churches need to learn these ways and stop this unholy reliance upon a system steeped in criminality.  Yes, they do SOME good things but once your eyes are opened and you’re informed you also see the evil agendas being moved forward through this system that is statistically almost wholly sustained by professing Christians!

Ephesians 5: 11 says “Have nothing to do with evil but rather expose it.” 

Our consumer support thereby empowers evil which is being seen clearly in a tyrannical medical system that has now infected our politics, our children’s minds, our schools, our news media, our entertainment, our sciences….AND OUR CHURCHES!  This evil goes on and is progressing in it’s deployment because of mainstream Christianity’s support of this system.  It teaches the flock to trust more in the human medical system  than in the GOD they profess to love, to take the Rx drugs that kill and cause disease, and don’t bother with the root issues such as diet, lifestyle, relationships and a healthy electrical environment.  “Be sober, be vigilant…”  and “Wise as a snake, harmless as a dove” comes to mind.  Nope….ignorant, uninformed, undisciplined, comfort-driven is where the flock is now and I just can’t be part of that.  It’s terribly painful to watch.

It enslaves because it gets the adherents addicted to this way of thinking and living and then they can’t break out and TRUST GOD when they need to. When a doctor says “cancer” they completely fall apart and do whatever he tells them and most of them die from doing so.  They don’t have the courage, nature or personality to stare down the organized church; their social group.  There’s a scripture in Philippians that speaks of the people whose GOD is their belly and who glory in their shame, it’s about them letting their appetite dictate their lifestyle and how this way of living…well, the adherents are referred to as “enemies of the cross of Christ.”

This ENTIRE picture cumulatively is presenting a new gospel in that it says “Eat what you want. Don’t be informed. Don’t bother with self-discipline…just do whatever you want and when the consequences show up we’ll pray a prayer and GOD will make all the consequences go away because He loves you and if He doesn’t then there must be something wrong with you….not us.” Congregants are victimized by their lack of knowledge AND NOW….THE PEOPLE ACTUALLY PREFER TO BE IGNORANT and get offended if anyone suggests another way.

It also models a life that says we don’t need to be set apart from the world and that our body is not the temple of the Holy Spirit….it’s an amusement park…have fun. And then there’s this verse which makes it very clear that I am NOT to have anything to do with a false religion calling itself a church in 2 John 1: 10 below.

Now that the churches have added cell towers and Wi-Fi to their list of amenities, microwaving their congregants just like the world system led them to do, I certainly won’t be going.  We have strayed very far from GOD and His Ways.  Did you know that your cell phone is a microwave radio?  That Wi-Fi is 245 BILLION cycles per second of microwave radiation being pumped throughout your home and office and your kids schools? What kind of electric meter do you have on your home and what do you know about it?  Uh huh….better stay close to the true GOD and not allow some pastor with a nice smile and a feel-good message to lower GOD’s standards.  When/if you find you don’t have enough “oil” in your lamp and the Bridegroom has closed the door, where will that pastor be then?

The biggest single issue that happens in churches is the reality of a “pack mentality.”  If GOD sends in a messenger with a disruptive-to-their-traditions or a merely unpopular message from GOD, THE GROUP MENTALITY will most often reject it…because they feel they have the collective power, and they’re right.  It doesn’t mean they should reject it, especially if they truly seek to have the “heart and mind of Christ”, but it’s more likely than not because the churches have become comfort-driven, social clubs negotiating compromises with GOD’s standards.  There’s a “we’re doing good enough” standard so they truly aren’t open to new revelations especially if they will require something more of them.  Well, I can assure you from personal experience that the closer you get to GOD the more invasive His holiness becomes on our mediocre lives.  So, are you going to just stay at arm’s length from Him?  Remember Revelation 3: 16 that warns about being lukewarm in your walk…it says He will vomit us out of His mouth.  I’d say it’s better to err on the side of zeal and taking responsibility for your health, a clear part of your testimony, should be a priority in that effort.

You can read more about how I was harmed by modern technology and what I learned about all this on my site by clicking on the link below:

_ If someone comes to your meeting and does not teach the truth about Christ, don't invite him into your house or encourage him in any way. Anyone who encourages him becomes a partner in his evil work._

Here’s the link to Vern’s prostate+ cancer story:

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I hope people wake up and repent in time….You simply can’t slap a plastic fish and good intentions on a carnal lifestyle and deem it good enough to be called “Christianity.” We don’t get to set the standards, we are to attain to mature in our walk and invite and allow more and more of GOD to invade our lives.

  “So come on, let’s leave the preschool fingerpainting exercises on Christ and get on with the grand work of art. Grow up in Christ. The basic foundational truths are in place: turning your back on “salvation by self-help” and turning in trust toward God; baptismal instructions; laying on of hands; resurrection of the dead; eternal judgment. God helping us, we’ll stay true to all that. But there’s so much more.  Let’s get on with it!” Hebrews 6: 1-3 The Message

“Knowing the correct password—saying ‘Master, Master,’ for instance—isn’t going to get you anywhere with me. What is required is serious obediencedoing what my Father wills. I can see it now—at the Final Judgment thousands strutting up to me and saying, ‘Master, we preached the Message, we bashed the demons, our God-sponsored projects had everyone talking.’ And do you know what I am going to say? ‘You missed the boat. All you did was use me to make yourselves important. You don’t impress me one bit. You’re out of here.’

I could go on and on and on and did in the book GOD INSISTED that I write for you.  You’ll be shocked at what you learn.  Scroll through this blog and read the readers comments I posted.  I paid a heavy personal price for walking this out and I guess I still am, now that I think about it, but I owed Him a big debt and He placed an inner fire inside of me.  No matter what was taken or threatened to be taken, if I continued swimming against the flow, I kept writing.  It took 21 years to get it finished.  I hope you’ll read and share it with your friends and family and give serious and prayerful consideration to who and what you’re supporting in word, presence and deed that you not be considered “a partner in their evil work”.  The Truth can be neutralized if you’re supporting the wrong messengers.

Remember, the Holy Spirit will not wrestle with us forever.

Excited to share a new look for the book.  I also added a subtitle, A Handbook for Humans, after one of my zealous reader’s kept saying in her posts “It’s not about religion. It’s about everything going on in the world right now.”  I considered changing the main title because so many people have issues with God but I decided against it.  This was the title God spoke to me and for that reason, it remains Getting Well God’s Way.



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